Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our New England Schoolmarms Strike Again

In one of the few rulings by the Supreme Court that has made sense in recent memory, the self-proclaimed Third Branch of American Government ruled last week that a local ban on the keeping and bearing of firearms by the law-abiding, tax-paying residents of the District of Columbia was, in fact, unconstitutional. Duh. Not surprisingly, the academic medical community, much too busy to work to save American Healthcare from destruction by the insurance industry, and complicit in its destruction by the forces of socialism, came out against the ruling in an editorial in the most recent New England Journal of Medicine.

If the sentiments expressed in the article were not so deeply-felt and so dangerous to our way of life, they would be almost laughable. It betrays the Technocratic mindset of so many in power in today's academic institutions - that somehow it is up to them to save us from ourselves. Epidemiological experiment? Hilarious. Liberty must be so incredibly irritating to these braniacs. It is so...untidy. Their silence was deafening as we the people (apparently their helpless, hapless wards) were subjected to other "epidemiological experiments" at the hands of the Highest Court - "Law enforcement officials can not be held responsible for defending people in their homes"; "Your personal property can be seized through imminent domain not only for the good of a community but also for the good of a more profitable tenant".

Where is the outrage at the New England Journal when people are attacked and out-gunned by criminals in their own homes? Where is their scientific input on the true causes of inner city violence, crime, and illiteracy - namely, the irresponsibility and even participation of those communities in those problems? Where is their backing of Bill Cosby when he addresses matters such as these? There is absolutely no doubt that those problems are at the root of the issue, but still the New England Journal remains silent. Well, silent at least until something occurs that offends them personally. Their fear of law-abiding citizens owning the firearms to protect themselves is legendary. They've always sided with the criminals in that regard. In their world, the law-abiding, ignorant sheep are supposed to look to the increasingly impotent government for everything, and remain victims of circumstance. This ruling was a slap in the face.

Their statement shows how utterly despicable and irresponsible they have become. They care nothing for the residents of Washington D.C., or any other city, town, or rural area in the country. If they did, they would use their power as the leadership of a (previously) highly-respected medical publication to educate our most vulnerable citizens about how to work and fight their way out of illness. They instead use their power to push their ultra-liberal agenda using the mantle of medical expertise to hide their true intentions. Their ridiculous opinion is thus given artificial credibility. What cowards. They know that their beliefs are losing traction, so they must package them as the "advice of the experts".

The New England Journal of Medicine thus continues to lose much of its credibility, hijacked, like so many of the great institutions of our nation by the socialist parentalism of the academic community. They are not welcome to speak for me. They should be ashamed.