Friday, August 29, 2008

Lord Obama bin Biden for Galactic Chancellor!!!

I give in. The pomp and circumstance are just simply too much. I'm only human. Resistance truly is futile. Obama's sarcastic and dismissive brow-beating last night finally stole my last ounce of strength. I must embrace the dark side.
And Darth Biden. Those teeth! Those amazingly white, shockingly gleaming teeth! So beautiful. So dangerously sharp...
And speaking of teeth, I never did see Michelle's all night. Did they wire her mouth shut or something? Or maybe Obama the Great did one of those things where he choked her without touching her - the Dark Side really is powerful.
They will stop at nothing. They've already stooped to calling McCain a "senile...old man". They've called the majority of our fellow citizens "clingers" to guns and God. Now Gov. Palin gets her turn. It's almost too easy - Obama Khan will probably leave the dirty part to Joe - calling her a "typical white broad". Of course her five kids will likely have to suffer, too. The stakes are just too high.
Let's just surrender now. We are ignorant and poorly-educated. Not all of us poor kids get to go to Harvard, you know. Only the "special" ones.
We welcome your Pax Obama, O Great One!!! We salute you!!! We await the glorious coming of the New Age you promised us!!! May the Earth begin to cool as you gloriously predicted!!! Indeed, We are the ones We've been waiting for!!! I see it so clearly now. Your wisdom, it burns my tiny brain, your Eminence...!!!
...Oh my goodness. Even I underestimated the depths of depravity to which some of the lefties are stooping about Palin and her children. I just checked in on HotAir...unreal.
I wonder if His Eminence will repudiate the comments. If not, it should be the duty of all decent, moderate Democrats to jump ship on him. This is beyond "swiftboating". This is beyond dirty. I'm starting to think there really is a Dark Side involved here.