Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm considering offering the "Don't Tread on Medicine" logo as a bumper sticker, if there's any interest. I'm not sure what the cost might be, but it will be low. Just want to get it "out there". Let me know if you're interested!


Just to lighten the mood a little bit. This is sick-funny. Sad. But sick-funny.

Saul Alinsky would be proud. As he said, we must "ridicule our opposition".

I am the mob. Are you?

Bracing for the Unthinkable

I just finished putting up Title II of HR 3200 with commentary on FB. I keep finding things that are simply unbelievable in this bill.
Nevertheless, I fear that it will pass. It won't be without outrage. It won't be without consequences for the cowards in Congress who won't even face their constituents. But we have long ago lost our ability to control them.
We are already a "tyranny of the majority", I fear. And as I've stated before on this blog, there will always be more of "them" than "us". There will always be more people standing in line to take what others have earned than there will be people to earn it.
This bill will further the cause of "squeezing the productive bit of the economy to fund an unprecedented expansion of the unproductive", as it was put so eloquently by Daniel Hannan, the brilliant Minister to the EU from the U.K.
The only good that can come out of this is the Law of Entropy. The what? The Law of Entropy. You see, eventually, the government will run out of our money. Those few of us left who actually pay taxes to fund everyone else will eventually stop, either willingly or unwillingly. Those in government who seek unlimited power have forgotten that their power is entirely dependent on money that is earned by others. Those "others" are quickly learning that this nightmare can only continue so long as we choose to work hard to provide them with that money.
I've never been an anarchist. I believe that government (although it should be severely limited) is a necessary evil. This current trend, however, can lead only to ruin. When the government has no more money, because it has paid off all its cronies, can no longer protect us from outside invasion. A bankrupt government can no longer enforce domestic tranquility. It can no longer provide for the common welfare.
A bankrupt government is worse than no government at all. It continues to suck the life blood of its host even as the host itself breathes its last.
May God help us.