Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well played, Montezuma. Well played.

In the not-so-stunning latest chapter in the Salmonella saintpaul scare, the FDA announced Friday that it appears that food grown in the United States has been given the all-clear. Jalapeno and serrano peppers from Mexico seem to be the culprits. At latest count, over between 1500 and 2000 U.S. citizens had been made ill by the peppers.

Where is the outrage? Is this the price of our new global economy? Are we to get used to the fact that in order to bring greater prosperity to our hostile neighbor to the south, we may all get an entirely preventable illness at some point? Are our children to bear the burden of these slip-ups in food security? And what is the point of the millions of tax dollars we spend annually for the FDA to exercise draconian tactics on our own U.S. food companies if we are allowing in human-waste-contaminated food by the truckload across the Mexican border?

I have almost grown accustomed to our government's apparent lack of motivation to do their Constitutional duty to protect us from the human invasion from the south. Now, it appears we have conclusive proof that their typical sleeping at the switch has cost us even more unnecessary suffering.

Shockingly, the New England Journal of Medicine is silent. They and the rest of their liberal egotist brethren are too consumed with their crusade against legal, responsible gun ownership to pay attention to the very real public health threat posed by this breach in our food security.

Here's the article, if you care to become further enraged...