Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mayday, Mayday...Pull the Cord, Maverick! Pull the Cord!!!

John McCain, in a colossal blunder tonight, just revealed his plan to win the election. Socialism, Republican-style.
Oh, my goodness. Now we're going to "bail out" the irresponsible "grass roots" that contributed to this credit mess. Let's not allow the market to adjust naturally by allowing unemployed and asset-less borrowers to reap the whirlwind of their irresponsibility. Instead, let's allow the responsible borrowers to subsidize others' short-sightedness in a misguided and transparent pander which will undoubtedly eventually further destabilize the lending market.

As a tax-paying, hard-working, debt-leveraged Veteran and worried home-owner and householder, allow me to be one of the first to tell John McCain "no thanks".

You were ready to sacrifice an election to win a shooting war. Now it is time to sacrifice an election to win an ideological one.

If we conservatives give in to the notion that the government is responsible for saving citizens from their own poor decisions, then the Republican Party has truly lost its moral authority on all matters financial. I'm sorry, Senator McCain, but this is where we truly part ways.

I respect you. I honor your service to our country and unmistakable courage as a POW. I admire your willingness to stand your ground, even against your own party, when you feel they are wrong. So please understand and respect my position that what you suggested tonight is more than simply a ham-handed attempt to change your downward slide in the polls. To me, this identifies you irrevocably as part of the very problem that has led me to oppose Barry Obama. If you continue on this poorly-considered vote-grabbing pandering course, I will feel forced to waste my vote on the Libertarians.

Please reconsider, or I fear all will truly be lost.

Redistribute. It's the (new) American Way.

I found Obama's performance tonight to be flawless. He spoke just like George Soros taught him. I'll give it to him. He is about the most eloquent spokesman for communism I've ever heard. What a pity the Cold War ended already. He'd have been a shoe-in for information minister under Andropov or Khrushchev.

When did it become a crime to make it? When did it become the government's responsibility to make sure your children were taken care of? I guess I missed the memo. Here I am, trying to ensure a better life for my son, and all the time, I could have been depending on Barney Frank to take better care of him than I ever could have dreamed.

Incidentally, I found it interesting that "health care is a right...in a country as wealthy as ours...". I guess that, once again, I was operating on the outdated notion that "rights" were those things that were assumed as part of a universal belief about people's place in the universe. Apparently, health care is a right in America, but not in the Congo. Not in the Sudan. Not in any less "fortunate" country. It's good to know.

I move that we also amend our Declaration of Independence to specify that only Americans are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to Life, Libery, and Property. After all, we are the only ones who can afford such luxuries...right, Senator Obama? I guess the rest of the world can just suffer until your far-sighted generosity touches them. After all, YOU (and your party) are the true guarantors of all real "rights". Until the colossal thieves Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Barack ("the One") Obama, and the Obama Youth are on board, all such claims to these heretofore "rights" are simply rhetoric.

Please, Senator Obama. Please let us poor sheep know which rights we can afford under your New Plan for America. Far be it from me to be so presumptuous as to claim rights to which I am untitled due to my poor position in life. We await Thy Glorious pronouncement.