Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Did You Expect?

If it weren't so sad, it would be almost humorous. More and more I'm starting to see the voices of disappointment. People who were all to happy to jump on board the Obama bandwagon during the campaign are beginning to wake up with a sort of hangover. Waking up only now to the realization that the guy with socialist friends, socialist ideas, socialist plans is...*gasp*...a Socialist.

His solution to the loss of jobs? Raise taxes on the people that provide those jobs. What are they to do? Lay people off, of course. They'd be idiots not to. His so-called solution to job loss is to cause more job loss.

His solution to the drop in industrial productivity? Institute a "cap-and-trade" policy on carbon emissions so that industry can't compete as well in a global marketplace. Nice. Industry has no choice but to cut productivity even further. This means still more job loss, of course.

His solution to the health care crisis? Cut medicare reimbursements. What will this do? It will force vast numbers of physicians to stop accepting Medicare patients, because it costs more to see them than it is worth. What then? Force doctors to see them? Of course. This will, of course, hit primary care providers the hardest, as we operate on the thinnest margins. Faced with staying in a profession that enslaves them by forcing them to see people at a loss, even more of us will be forced to abandon our practices. When we close our doors, this will mean even more job loss.

Are you poor? Now you have a President who supports the same old tired enslaving welfare state that keeps you poor and destroys your hope of something better.

Are you "middle-class"? Now you have a President who will do everything in his power to make you stay where you are, or worse, whose policies will cause the loss of your job.

Are you a factory worker? Your industry will be hobbled by cap-and-trade. Hours will have to be cut. Jobs will have to be cut.

Are you an entrepeneur? A professional? Hang on. Obama promises to punish you for your hard work and productivity.

So what did you who supported him expect? He told you what he wanted to do. Now we will all have to deal with your decision. If I were you, I would probably think about removing those bumper stickers. More and more people will be looking for someone to blame for where we're going.

Don't say we didn't try to warn you.