Friday, June 18, 2010


So this is what it takes to humiliate France?  Wow.  That is surprising.  There is so much for them to choose from.  They have at least a hundred years of colossal failures, yet it is this that has them finally feeling shame?  Amazing.

And to think they used to be one of the most powerful nations on earth.

Way to go, guys.

I think it is appropriate this week, as the American Medical Association is meeting in Chicago (insert your own joke here) that we recap the great successes of the AMA over the past year.

Wow.  That is harder than I thought.  I guess the big news this last year was that the AMA sold doctors down the river by signing on to the health care “reform” bill monstrosity.  The price for their betrayal?  Well, they will tell you that they did it because they were promised a permanent fix to the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate formula used to calculate physician reimbursements under Medicare (and therefore under all insurance).  The result?  A big fat nothing.

They sold us out, then got sold out themselves by slimy politicians who were acting, incidentally, like slimy politicians.  It isn’t shocking that the Democrats lied about fixing the SGR to get the support of the AMA and many other physician groups.  What is shocking is that these idiots in charge of these groups apparently didn’t get the memo that Democrats lie.  Good grief.  I’ve known that since I was like, in the 2nd grade.

Grow up, guys.  The Obama regime hates us.  We stand in the way of their ultimate goals.  We must be destroyed.  Stop helping them.