Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Long...

Okay. It's been too long. Mostly I'm just sick of looking at Nancy Pelosi's picture on the top of my page, so I'll try and post enough to get her down there...somewhere.

Where to start?

1. The Dimocraps crammed Obamacare down our throats despite our vehement opposition. This is bad. We all know or at least suspect it. Well, at least most of us. The other 30% of us are members of some sort of union and are expecting a payoff.
2. O'Bow-Mao has shown his true colors. He is a Marxist, an Alinsky pupil, and Mohammedan sympathizer and is doing every thing he can during his (God willing) single term to rip the guts out of our free system to achieve his nefarious goals.
3. O'Bow-Mao wishes to destroy us. He will try to achieve this through:
a. Amnesty for illegal aliens to our country - a move that will ensure that the Dimocraps will have enough votes to stay in power for a little while longer. They've never been too good on the long game.
b. Cap and Trade - this is a wealth generator for the Dimocrap elite like Gore, even though the pseudoscience has been thoroughly discredited by their own nefarious emails.
c. Their continuing warfare against anybody who actually does or makes anything of real use.
4. A deep-water oil well exploded, threatening to inundate the Gulf coast with crude oil. This is bad. Of course, this is nothing more than a convenient disaster for the Libs, who want to drive us right back into the Dark Ages.
a. They were supposed to be - under the principle of "Enormous Government is Good For You" - watching the store. The enormous salaries you silly useful idiot taxpayers pay for government stooges to inspect these oil platforms was supposed to ensure that stuff like this can't happen. Of course, they are morons. They can't even pay their own taxes under the ridiculous tax structure they've created, and they certainly can't be trusted with stuff like this. So they dropped the ball (duh) and a giant explosion caused a disaster that they love. They love disasters. They are an excuse for even more giant government.
b. If they hadn't been such idiots, we could have been drilling on land and not a mile underneath the ocean. They are idiots. Did I mention that? The EPA should go directly to Hell.
c. The media are supposed to be our stopgap between out-of-control tyranny and us. They are useless, because the colleges they go to are inundated with idiotic unable-to-do-anything-useful Commie professors who poison their little tiny minds with Commie drivel. They then set out to make stupid doofuses like O'Bow-Mao seem to be intellectual giants. Obama is an idiot. I may have failed to mention that. Where is the outrage? Sorry. They spent their outrage on trying to show that Bush was the Antichrist or something.
d. They will use this as an excuse to make gasoline cost $12/gallon. Then you stupid plebes will learn that driving those stupid clown car "Smart Cars" is really smart. You know they are incredibly stupid. They are just going to make you drive them because it is funny to see a bunch of people driving golf carts and thinking it is cool.
e. Louisiana is trying to find a way to mitigate the disaster that will certainly devastate their coastal ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are being prevented from doing anything useful. By whom, you ask? Well, by the massive government agency entrusted with protecting their coastal ecosystem, of course. The EPA is preventing Louisiana from protecting herself. Why? Because the EPA wants the disaster to happen. It helps them to further their political agenda of destroying your liberty. It's what they do. The EPA should go directly to Hell. Did I mention that?
5. Arizona finally got sick of waiting on the Federal Government to do its Constitutional duty to protect the sovereign borders of the U.S. They passed a law that declares that being an illegal alien is...well...illegal. Shocker!!! Now the government that is derelict in its duty is refusing to do its duty. So much so that the government bureaucrat that is given the responsibility for deporting illegal aliens is refusing to deport illegal aliens. If he worked for me or any other small business owner, he would be fired immediately. What do we do? Applaud him for his open-mindedness.
a. Our own government applauds and gives a standing ovation to a foreign dictator (El Presidente of the hopelessly corrupt and hypocritical Mexico) when he bashes Arizona's law on the floor of the Congress. This was so disgusting that I can't even blog about it. There isn't enough soap in the whole world to make me feel clean after this display of anti-patriotism.
b. The Dimocraps are all Communists. From top to bottom. I beg them to prove me wrong. I won't hold my breath. There are no "Blue Dogs". There are just Red Commie scum.
c. Arizona is the first shot in the new battle for the right of free people to defend themselves in a country founded on the principle of people having the right to defend themselves. We support them or we die. Pure and simple.

What else? I think that just about covers it.

To recap:
1. Democrats are disgusting pieces of trash who would rather have the applause of dictators abroad than the appreciation of hard-working Americans.
2. Unions are filthy mob-run pyramid schemes who will ride the dying carcass of American productivity until it is well and truly dead at their hands. They are parasites of the lowest order.
3. Obama is the puppet of people who hate America and all she traditionally stands for.
4. We are doomed to a life of unnecessary toil and struggle if we don't destroy and eradicate these domestic enemies before they actually do any lasting damage.
5. Any so-called Republican that sides with these enemies of Liberty is worse than a traitor.
6. The EPA should go directly to Hell.

Did I leave anything out? Let me know.

Oh. And the Democrat Party should go the way of the Whigs. There is only one way to redemption, and it is either (a) Secession or (b) dismantling of the Democrat Party.

Yours Truly,