Monday, June 1, 2009

Still Waiting...

It's now apparent that the murder of a U.S. soldier outside a Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting station was the work of a Moslem extremist, with "political and religious motives", according to local law enforcement.
I'm still waiting for President Obama to be "shocked" and "outraged". I'm still waiting for this to be labeled a "hate crime". I'm still waiting for Attorney General Holder to mobilize the full force of the U.S. Marshall's service to respond to this obvious violation of the soldier's most basic civil rights - the right to life.
I am still waiting, and something tells me I'll be waiting for a long time. You see, an innocent soldier, fresh out of basic training, is not as important, in the cruel liberal calculus of the present power elite, as a law-breaking abortionist.

America's Turning Red, says...PRAVDA!

Well, I guess if it "takes one to know one"...
You know you're in trouble when even the former Soviet Union thinks your "descent into Marxism" is shocking in its speed.
Nice work, Hopenchangers. You should be so proud. Oh, incidentally...what job do you think you'll be assigned by your block captain when the transformation is complete? Hope it's something fun.

Nice Work, Seattle!!!

Seattle mobilized a very respectable counter-offensive against the Cloward-Piven Obamacare drones. Superb job! You're patriots, one and all.

Michelle Malkin coverage here.

Definitely NOT a "Hate Crime"

A military recruiting center was attacked today in Arkansas. A recruiter was killed. It's all over the news...(not).
I'll be interested to see if Attorney General Eric Holder addresses this tragedy fairly. After the assassination of the scofflaw late-term abortionist yesterday, Holder promised to beef up security using U.S. Marshall guards. He also promised to investigate whether the killer had any connection to any of the pro-life groups.
I'm sure that Holder will send Marshalls to guard Military Recruiting centers. I'm sure he'll look thoroughly into any connection between the shooter(s) and the radical military-hating left-wing groups like Code Pink, et al.
Furthermore, I'm sure the President will come out in the next few minutes talking about how "shocked" and "outraged" he is at this murder. After all, I'm sure that the hate-murder of a military recruiter warrants exactly the same sort of response, right?
We probably shouldn't hold our breath. After all, as we know, assassinating a military recruiter because he's a military recruiter is NOT a hate crime. So big deal, right? I guess a "baby killer" just got his due. Liberals and Marxists aren't capable of hatred, apparently. Just ask the family of Czar Nicholas.
As a veteran myself, allow me to be one of the far too few people who will extend to the family of the recruiter in Arkansas my deepest sympathy, and my most sincere appreciation for his service. I pray that you will feel "the peace that transcends all understanding" in the coming days. I am truly sorry, both for your unfair and tragic loss, and for the country that fails to understand or even comprehend the nature of your sacrifice.


Incidentally, how's the stimulus working out for everybody?
You guys have what you wanted. You have your Marxist president and an unstoppable socialist majority in Congress. With quite literally all the power on earth, have they delivered the Utopian paradise you hoped for? Have they brought the rich down and elevated you in their place? Have they punished success and rewarded mediocrity to your benefit?
How stable is your job? Feel confident? If not, ask yourself why not. He promised to lift you up to unbelievable heights of success by stealing the efforts of others - what happened?
Obama and his henchman want to fail. They want to implement the Cloward-Piven strategy, forcing the collapse of our form of government so that they can bring about Marxist totalitarianism. Everything they've done so far is directly in line with the Saul Alinsky playbook.
1. Nationalize the banks...check.
2. Nationalize industry...check.
3. Increase the welfare rolls...check.
4. Promise to deliver new and invented "rights" (e.g. healthcare, etc.)...check.
5. When government fails to deliver, foment revolution on the part of the masses to overthrow the "failed capitalist system"...coming soon...
You've been warned, by the author of this satanic strategy himself - in his book Rules for Radicals. Read, learn, prepare. Whether or not you realize it, war has been declared. Don't be asleep.


President Obama has made me feel so much better about things. He admitted that things are going to be really hard, that jobs will continue to be lost, that factories will close, that the economy will continue to stink...but it's all gonna be worth it! We have been "asked" to sacrifice (at the point of a gun), and sacrifice we will. At least we got a failing, union-strangled uncompetitive car company for all our "sacrifice".
Why must we sacrifice? Why, for the children, of course. "Sacrifice" has been thrust on us so that our children can continue to live in a country where stuff is made.
Enjoy your sacrifice, comrades. It's your patriotic duty, after all.