Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it too late to give Hawai'i back?

I was perusing looking at our dire straits when I noticed something interesting. Everybody's favorite socialist leads in Hawai'i by 41 percentage points. What accounts for that? If you already live in paradise, what can Obama offer you? I suppose you could always hope for more free time to enjoy your surroundings. Come to think of it - that would be pretty job to worry about, your bills payed by the "rich" mainland suckers...They already have more than their fair share of the honeymoon industry eternally wrapped up. And they probably like him because he spent a couple of months there on sabbatical from his childhood in the Asian madrassahs.

So allow me to be the first to say that I am starting the movement to give Hawai'i back to the Hawai'ians. I will no longer willingly financially support their non-stop luaus, lousy college football, and snobby insistence on pronouncing their state name with its original inflection. I guess they could remain as a territory, but that would give them at least some voting rights, and they've demonstrated that they don't deserve to participate with the rest of us grown-ups. I mean, even Massachussetts only gives a little over 20 points to the commie. Shameful.

So stock up on bananas and mosquito nets, Hawai'i. A veritable typhoon of ill will is on its way.