Sunday, October 19, 2008

Calling Time of Death on Free Speech

Joe the Plumber. Someday our great-grandchildren will know his name. It will be on the page in their textbook that covers the period in history when the First Amendment died.

And in the kind of stunning irony that only real history can provide, its murderers will be the same people who have argued most vehemently for free speech historically, the liberals.

The ACLU is silent, as Joe the Plumber's tax records are pored over, as his reputation is dragged through the mud, as his life and livelihood are forever changed for the worst. All because he asked a question.

We bloggers are next, no doubt. Anyone who has tax problems should certainly lose their right to comment on the nature of our Republic. Right, Congressman Rangel?

Sweet Justice: Finally the Capitalist Pigs will Pay

I am so excited about our next President. Finally, true justice will be lavished upon all his subjects. My personal favorite is how he is talking about punishing oil companies and anybody else who does especially well. He and the other democratic socialists will institute a "windfall profits" tax that will show them a thing or two.

I can't wait until those smug bastards can no longer profit from the record-breaking price of oil. All of their stupid speculation and exploration and environmental compliance...

You just wait, ExxonMobil. Pretty soon your executives and their families will know the true meaning of pain.

Obama's gonna change it! Obama's gonna lead us!

Sorry. I get so excited sometimes that I start singing along with the Obama children. Anyway, as I was saying, you and your capitalist swine families will soon make NOTHING! 'Cuz that's what "windfall profits" taxes do, you creeps! Your companies will be dealt with harshly beyond belief! And what'll you do then, huh?

What's that? Stop exploring for oil and gas so aggressively? Well, good! Then you'll really be hurting. You and all your stinking executive friends. And then...huh? What were you saying, you disgusting capitalist? The price of what? Gasoline??? But how would punishing you cause all of us to pay more, exactly? Less oil means less supply and more demand? More demand means higher price? I don't get it. You must be lying, because that's what you right-wingers do. You lie. Well, even if we do have to pay more for gas, it'll be worth it to see you fat cats suffer...what? Pass what on, exactly? So you are telling me that you will still make a ginormous salary despite taxing your windfall profits? How do you figure that, Einstein? Lay-offs? Passing the higher costs on to the consumer? Oh.

You people disgust me. You just wait. Our glorious leader will find a way to thwart you yet.