Monday, October 6, 2008

Barack Obama - Criticize at your own Peril

In an A.P. article this morning, it was suggested that criticisms by Governor Sarah Palin of Senator Barack Obama's past (and present) radical acquaintances and friends are, in a word, racist. This is exactly the kind of conversation-squelching race-card playing that his campaign has perfected, not over the past couple of years, but apparently over his entire adult life. He is a career race-baiter and brow-beating thug.

Okay. Let’s just take the whole color thing off the table for a moment. Not that I am forgetting about it, of course, because it is extremely important, and I will get to it later.

Senator Barack Obama is a radical terrorist sympathizer. It’s true. There is no reason to believe, unless you are simply predisposed to take him at his word that he would not continue to be a terrorist sympathizer once in the White House. I know. You are in shock at my candor on this subject. And some of you, perhaps many of you, are thinking the same thing right now – the “r” word (racist). I’d like to tackle this issue in two parts. I’ll start by backing up my assertion that Senator Obama has habitually cozied up to terrorists and radicals.

From his very earliest days as a Columbia University student with political aspirations, Barack Obama has been groomed, trained, and protected by some of the most notorious America-haters known. Almost as soon as he arrived in New York, possibly before, he was under the tutelage and supervision of the radical and controversial leader of the so-called Nation of Islam and well-documented white-hater and race-baiter Louis Farakhan. He was likely accepted into Harvard Law School as a result of the introductions made for him by Farakhan, most notably to an advisor to a Saudi Arabian prince. It has been speculated and not denied that Obama’s law school education was paid-for by this Saudi sheik.

Once in Chicago, Obama was immediately snapped up into the world of ACORN as a community organizer, where he became acquainted with William Ayers, former 1960s radical and member of the Weather Underground. Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist, and has made recent statements that indicate that violent acts against the government might still be necessary in order to perpetuate his radical agenda.

Ayers and Obama co-chaired a foundation which funneled funds into ACORN projects, including one designed by Obama himself while the lead trainer at ACORN – the use of intimidation and bullying tactics to force local banks to make ridiculous loans (so-called NINJA [“no income, no job, no assets”]) to local black citizens. ACORN then funneled money back towards Obama when he first ran for elected office in Chicago. It should be noted that at the center of the recent mortgage credit crisis lies ACORN and their work to force loans to happen that could never be paid back as a form of social engineering. These bad loans were eventually packaged up and sold to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, and when they began to be defaulted upon, started the fall of dominoes that led to the recent $700B bailout. This sort of takes the punch out of Obama's recent assertion that this mortgage problem suddenly appeared out of thin air the instant G.W. Bush was elected. It also makes one wonder how on earth he could go about fixing a problem, the origins of which he either forgot or refuses to acknowledge.

For twenty years, Barack Obama attended a church led by a violently radical race-baiting, white-hating pastor, Jeremiah Wright. He was married to Michelle in that church by Reverend Wright. Reverend Wright baptized his children. There really are only three possibilities: (1) Obama truly was oblivious for twenty years about what went on in that church (ignorance or naiveté of an unprecedented scale); (2) Obama knew what that church was all about but couldn’t afford, for political reasons, to leave (cowardice and self-centeredness); or (3) he knew very well what the church was about and stayed there because he tacitly agreed with what Wright preached. Is he naive, cowardly, or dastardly? I'm just asking. I still haven't been satisfied with his failure to answer simple questions about this.

Antoin (“Tony”) Rezko, a Syrian businessman and recently-indicted real estate developer in Chicago, has had a close personal relationship with Obama for years. In fact, Obama and Rezko secured their new home properties on adjacent lots in the same very well-to-do Chicago suburb on the same day – three weeks after Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi loaned $3.5million for the purchase. There is more than enough to be curious about the relationship between Obama and Rezko.

Obama’s campaign has been in frequent contact with Hamas, a known terrorist group, during this campaign, so much so that when it was discovered, they felt it necessary to fire Robert Malley, a chief Obama advisor, to avoid the obvious political fallout. This never really materialized, of course, because the mainstream media outlets are too busy drooling and trying to get their next opportunity for "Cooking with Barack and Michelle".

So what does all this mean? Does it mean that Obama is Al Qaeda’s “man on the inside”? Of course not. Although it does seem to indicate a certain level of comfort with people that most of us, especially us whites who seem to be the target of the rage of lots of Obama’s friends and acquaintances, might find less-than-fun dinner companions.

I never like the “shoe-on-the-other-foot” technique of argument. But here it seems rather appropriate. Let’s imagine a candidate – a white candidate. This candidate goes to a white supremacist church for 20 years, then claims he didn’t know that it was preaching white supremacy, after it is conclusively demonstrated that he was there when the “hate message” was being preached. Far from being shocked and horrified at that message, he stays there. He gets married by the white supremacist preacher. He lets that same preacher baptize his children. Would that bother you?

Now let’s say he could be definitively linked to running in the same circle as Tim McVeigh, or perhaps the Unabomber? Moreover, he lived on the same street as the Unabomber, as well as the same street as a well-known Aryan Brotherhood leader who had called for the destruction of all black people? Would that bother you? Would it make you a racist to point out all those oddities?

I, for one, don’t think that would make you a racist. I think that would make you a thoughtful voter. So when you call those of us racists that want to make sure we aren’t electing a radical, a friend of known terrorists, just know how incredibly defensive and silly you sound. There is truly a limit to being “The Devil’s Advocate”.