Sunday, April 26, 2009

Say What You Mean

We had some storms here the other day. A cold front pushed through the warm Gulf air, setting off an outbreak of tornadoes. We tuned in to our local weather stations, as always, glued to the weather men as they tracked the areas of greatest danger. Our tornado sirens went off several times. We readied ourselves to go to our interior room and brace for the worst. In the end, everything turned out okay.

The lesson? We've learned that we can trust the weather guys. They issue warnings when necessary, and we believe what they say. They put tremendous energy and thought into making their warnings appropriate - no crying "Wolf" but never missing a real danger - that's their goal.

So when our government's leaders - the President, the Secretary of State, the Chief of Staff - say that their policy is to "never let a good crisis go to waste", it is problematic. It makes me wonder if they are to be believed. Are they telling the truth? Or are they simply taking advantage of a crisis in order to further their goals?

Today everyone is flipping out about the new swine flu strain. Is it a true risk? The sad truth is that I have no idea. I have no idea because our government, having already declared the "Cry Wolf" policy to be in effect, has little or no credibility. What should we do? Should we be looking to them for information and leadership? Or are they simply abusing their power? Again.

Well done. You've managed to destroy any remnants of faith in your capacity to treat us with respect and dignity, and you've condemned yourselves with your own big, arrogant mouths. You've alienated all of us who think like me by labeling us as "extremists". I will be celebrating your first 100 days by continuing to ignore you.