Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Healthcare-NOW: Our Counter-Demonstration

The socialist group Healthcare-NOW has planned a nationwide protest on May 30, 2009. You should check with your local sources to see if they are coming to your area to pretend to care about the poor.

These communists, whose only real objective is to place even more power - the power of life and death - in the hands of a government who gives our hard-earned tax revenue to Wall Street, bails out the United Auto Workers but lets the non-union automotive industry employees get bent, habitually and ritualistically rape the Constitution they swore to uphold...shall I go on?

Anyway, they are going to be protesting this week, and I would encourage all the readers of my blog to activate and counter-protest. DON'T SAY ANYTHING. This is not about giving the communist media another opportunity to take you out of context and make you a laughing stock a la teaparties. This is about exercising our God-given right to assemble and peacefully protest this bunch of academic eggheads who want to make us into a larger, dumber France. They are in bed with the unions, so don't be surprised to be confronted by professional layabouts, ne'er-do-wells, and loafing protesters-by-trade.

If you are in health care, wear your uniform (white coat, scrubs, whatever) and a pair of handcuffs. Anything you want to say should be put on a placard. I repeat - DO NOT ENGAGE. Our argument will be made even more powerful when these loudmouthed hatred-mongers try and attack you for doing exactly what they are doing. It makes their hypocrisy even more palpable.

A little info on the idiots...they are largely made up of academics and government insiders most of whom (surprise) never had a real job. Check out their website (www.healthcarenow.org), and that of their brothers and sisters in arms, the thoroughly communist-infiltrated Physicians for a National Healthcare Program (www.pnhp.org).

Hopefully, we can make at least a little impact and let people out there know that there are still a few of us who believe in personal Liberty and responsibility.

They are all counting on us, whether they know it or not.

The Market is a Failure? Oh, really?

One of the most consistent Leftist complaints about the current U.S. health care system is that the "free market" has failed to produce acceptable results.

I have two responses to this argument:

1. When, in recent memory, has the market actually been allowed to work? At least since the beginning of President Johnson's Medicare program in the mid 1960s, the government has been interfering in the market. Nowadays, the only Medicare I know as a physician is the Medicare that consistently says "no" to paying for routine and necessary tests like EKGs, and continually threatens to lower its reimbursements to physicians to a level that makes it impossible for us to see their patients. Additionally, their entry into the so-called "free market" served to set the tone for the private insurers to lower their reimbursements as well. The government has created a scenario in which they have their cake and eat it too - they compete unfairly in a "market" by changing the rules to suit themselves, then blaming the industry they are destroying for the lousy coverage the rest of us get. I might point out that they are only able to compete at all by draining the productive members of society of their income to support an ever-increasing number of unproductive ones.

2. I would also point out that "all the other industrialized countries" (you know...the ones the Left incessantly talks about having socialized health care in order to shame us for not being openly and unapologetically socialist) have ALL had to begin to allow filthy, stinking capitalism and "the market" to help them out of their mess.

The U.K., the grandfather of all Western socialist health care programs, in response to decades of criticism about year-long waiting lists for necessary procedures, unfairness in the delivery of care, and a tax burden that seems never to be enough to do what the socialists promised, has recently had to start subcontracting health care delivery to private (FOR PROFIT) entities.

Canada, the supposed health care paradise immortalized by Michael Moore, has had to rescind its long-standing policy of criminalizing doctors who provide alternatives to the long waiting lists and poor care by taking cash for services rendered. Where is the great alternative provided by socialism here?

France has also had to begin allowing the private sector to begin supplementing the effort to provide health care. Why? Because their socialized program is failing to provide what it promised.

Sweden, the country with the highest taxation for health care, has also struggled continuously with long waiting lists and patients who have begged for a free market alternative, has also begun to admit defeat and let the dirty capitalist pigs take over. Again.

The list goes on and on. Socialism is a failure. It has always been a failure. It fails because you can't shackle the productive to buy the votes of the unproductive forever, expecting the productive to remain productive despite your best efforts to destroy them. Eventually, they get the idea. Why work for nothing? Slavery doesn't pay.