Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Moore: Mister Invisible

Funny. I thought Michael Moore, the self-proclaimed champion of the blue-collar classes, would be all over this. I guess unemployment is only bad when there is a handy conservative to blame.
At least they'll all have the same crummy health care as their working counterparts, unless a miraculous return to common sense occurs.
Well done, Mr. Moore. Your self-righteousness has helped doom a fifth of your Michigan neighbors. Not that you care, of course. You'll remain conspicuously silent as your hero's deranged policies ensure slow (or no) recovery. Cap and trade will make the U.S. a hogtied nation, competing with India and China with both hands tied behind our backs.
Remember when you were so excited about "owning" GM and Chrysler? Remember your mocking laugh when imagining their factories being converted to make wind turbines? Didn't exactly work out that way, did it? Oh, well. I'm sure nobody will hold you accountable. Nobody ever does. So sleep well. There are still 4/5 of your fellow Michigan residents who are gainfully employed.