Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...the company you keep...

Dear Congressman Paul Ryan,

As recently as one week ago, I would have considered your entry into the Presidential race a welcome miracle. Now I begin to wonder if I might have been too hasty in my opinion of you.

I am not suggesting that you aren't everything I thought. Your "Cut, Cap, and Balance" plan, although doomed from the beginning, had the sort of defiant-in-the-face-of-certain-defeat that characterizes the Thermopylaean position true conservatives face these days: facing an uneducated army of looters, moochers, union thugs, and race-baiters, led by ideologically-driven college professors, "community organizers" etc.

Then I read this Weekly Standard article, and it gave me pause.

If your closest friends and confidants include this brand of political elites, then I fear I misjudged you. I mean, come on; let's be honest. It is exactly this crowd that began our slide into this mess...not to take anything away from our current President, who turned our skid into a full-on, fishtailing, multiple turn-over interstate crash, of course.

But if we are ever to get out of this mess, you might want to consider talking to people for advice who have a bit more credibility as real conservatives, and not just the New England Yacht Club.


The IBEW thug stereotype confirmed. Well done.

I guess we won't have to wait any longer for the union thuggery to recommence this election season. This poor guy in Michigan learned the hard way that "collective bargaining" is, to paraphrase Don Corleone, "an offer one can't refuse".

Funny Picture on Drudge

I'm sorry. This is just funny. Or maybe I'm just exhausted. Either way, it makes me smile.