Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Liberals See Us

Here's a fun column.

It's by the Socialist heroine Maureen Dowd who writes for the NY Times (duh). It's just good to remind ourselves from time to time just how this bunch of insulated New England island-dwelling ivory-tower types see those of us on the outside of their little bubble.

Things like Christianity and the Constitution must be so irritating to a moral relativist like Dowd. They are so...well...rural. Just remember that Dowd would describe you and me in exactly the same sort of sneering, elitist fashion. And then remember also that this is one of the people who claim that they are the champions of the "common man and woman" [read simpleton rubes].

This is the kind of person who loudly champions Obama. And if the old adage is true about the company you keep, then it is as good a reason as any to vote for his opponent. Power to the people, indeed.

Obama's Enigmatic Health Care Plan: Q&A over.

"No need to reply. I'm done with your blog."

Oh, well. Marcia has heard enough of my opinions, and thinks I'm an insensitive, arrogant, "neocon" Bill O'Reilly disciple. What a pity. Self-righteousness is so unbecoming. In typical fashion, she snipes and then runs. Oh, well. It's my own fault. I should have known better than to engage with a 9-11 truther moonbat. All bluster and no substance. Sadly, our country is filled with them.

Their fear is palpable. They are so terrified that the world is beginning to see the futility and selfishness of their "throw money at it to make ourselves feel better" policies.

At least now the nature of the debate can be seen for any who care to see. The response they desire is for those who advocate personal responsibility to wither under the accusation that they are heartless. If we do not, then they snipe and run, snipe and run...

This was actually pretty fun. It's a shame she quit when it got interesting. Guess she used up all her big words.
It's not unlike driving a car, blogging. There is a security in the anonymity - the same phenomenon that makes an otherwise meek and quiet mom become a horn-honking, cursing maniac when behind the wheel. Sometimes people make themselves feel pretty big and powerful despite their insecurities. I probably do that, too, to some degree.

So three cheers for Marcia. She did her good liberal deed for the week. She typed out the commie talking points just like she was indoctrinated to do, peppered with personal attacks and the seething rage and hatred that only the liberals have really been able to perfect.
Da svidanya, comrade Marcia. You will be missed.