Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unions Battle to the Death

Well, I guess we know who wields the power in our government.

The Indiana State Pensions Fund filed a case to be heard before the SCOTUS to stop the sale of Chrysler Motors LLC to Fiat SpA of Italy and the U.S. and Canadian governments. Why?

Well, it seems that the Indiana teachers' union, as well as the state and local governments of Indiana were heavily invested in Chrysler. When Chrysler declared bankruptcy, its assets were supposed to be divided among the creditors (as is usually the case with bankruptcies). Interestingly, though, they were not. Through some sort of political hocus-pocus, the assets were disproportionally given to...wait for it...the United Auto Workers union.

The SCOTUS, prompted by Justice Ginsberg, delayed the sale in order to consider the merits of the case. For almost 24 hours.

Tonight, the Court dropped the matter with a perfunctory ruling that failed to address any of the merits of the case. The result?

I think the take-home message is that the UAW can pretty much have its way with our government. Have a home? It's only yours until the UAW decides it wants it. Have a job? You'll spend the first several months working to support the lazy, shiftless, unskilled bullies at the UAW.

They are pigs, feeding at the troughs of money provided by you and me. We had our best chance to purge this cancerous growth from our country when GM and Chrysler announced their impending bankruptcies, but government made sure they coerced the companies into allowing their continued existence.

Just like a fatal parasite, UAW will continue to suck the life-blood of the country until the country itself dies and ceases to be of any use to them. Only then will they die a long-overdue death themselves. Want proof? Just look at what they've done to GM and Chrysler.

Yay, unions. You should be so proud.