Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The American Public Health Association: Traitors

APHA, the association of American public health professionals, has signed on to HR 3200 as well. This comes as no surprise to me.
Public health is becoming to this administration what Josef Goebels was to the Third Reich. They are a rubber stamp, giving the illusion of scientific credibility to the outrageous claims made by democrats. It is one filthy hand washing the other: public health funded entirely by government ensuring that government always has plenty of your money with which to fund them. I speak from experience.
I am currently studying public health, working to earn a Master's degree. What I've discovered is that it should actually be a Master of Arts degree: the art of bilking taxpayers out of their hard-earned money to fund ridiculous, frivolous, and unhelpful studies (oh, and paying yourself a healthy salary in the process). At least I have learned how to debunk their unscientific studies a little more effectively.

The American Psychiatric Association: Traitors

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), the national credentialing group for American psychiatrists, has expressed full support for HR 3200, the House of Representatives' socialized medicine bill.

I'll let you insert your own punch line here.

American Osteopathic Association: Traitors

The American Osteopathic Association, the country's credentialing board for D.O.s (Doctors of Osteopathy), after nearly 100 years of struggling, chips securely on their shoulders, to be respected as equals to M.D.s, have put the debate to rest at last by stupidly signing on to HR 3200, the House of Representatives bill that would destroy American Medicine and patient choice.
Like the ACS, they base their support largely on their mistaken belief that being rid of the SGR as the index that determines Medicare reimbursement will somehow solve all of our problems. They apparently believe that by allowing their support to further propel this anti-American bill through Congress, they will gain a seat at the imaginary table where "changes will be made" that will ultimately make medicine in this country whole again.
Want some advice, D.O.s? (1) Leave the chakra adjustments to the Buddhists, and (2) Never trust the government. They don't plan to involve you or me. They plan to destroy us, and our patients along with us. They want to make you, me, and all our patients so dependent upon them that we can't live or breathe without them (or without paying a tax for the privilege). You shame yourselves by going along with this charade.

American College of Surgeons: Traitors

In a particularly idiotic move, the American College of Surgeons recently expressed their support for HR 3200, the socialized medicine bill authored by the socialist House of Representatives. They based their support on a one-dimensional line of complaint, namely the use of the SGR or "sustainable growth rate" as the index to be used to calculate reimbursement rates through Medicare. HR 3200 promises to scrap the SGR as the index of importance.
Just a couple of problems, though. First, who has ever known Congress, when dominated by either party, to keep promises? Do the 70,000+ members of the ACS seriously believe that this bill will keep anybody in Washington honest? If they do, then this naivete would cause me to seriously question their credentials to perform surgery on kitchen toasters, much less human victims.
Secondly, there is the issue of the utter stupidity of trading one onerous regulatory policy for another, sure-to-be more onerous one, considering that the authors of both strategies have historically shown themselves pathologically incompetent and unwilling to hear logical arguments.
So let me get this straight. The ACS doesn't like the way government decides reimbursements by fiat, so they lend their support to giving more power to that government, so that it is even more capable of deciding reimbursements by fiat. Nice one, ACS. You should be so proud.

American College of Physicians: Traitors

Reading this press release from the American College of Physicians (ACP), the certification board for U.S. Internal Medicine doctors, it becomes clear that they, like many of the other groups on the traitors list, believe that it is better to jump on to the socialized medicine bandwagon now, in the hopes that they can negotiate with the Chicago mobsters for some pittances or indulgences in the future. In short, they sold you and me out for self-interest.

The House of Representatives' socialized medicine bill (HR 3200) is so clearly and fundamentally flawed that it would take an absolute idiot to fail to see that it paves the way for the destruction of American Medicine and the private health care market. And since I have more respect for my fellow doctors than to think them idiots, I have to believe that ACP knowingly and callously allowed their name and their reputation to serve as evidence that doctors were behind this legislation. This gives momentum to this bill that it shouldn't have, or, if you prefer, provides comfort and welfare to our common enemy. For that, the ACP have shown themselves to be traitors.