Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The American Public Health Association: Traitors

APHA, the association of American public health professionals, has signed on to HR 3200 as well. This comes as no surprise to me.
Public health is becoming to this administration what Josef Goebels was to the Third Reich. They are a rubber stamp, giving the illusion of scientific credibility to the outrageous claims made by democrats. It is one filthy hand washing the other: public health funded entirely by government ensuring that government always has plenty of your money with which to fund them. I speak from experience.
I am currently studying public health, working to earn a Master's degree. What I've discovered is that it should actually be a Master of Arts degree: the art of bilking taxpayers out of their hard-earned money to fund ridiculous, frivolous, and unhelpful studies (oh, and paying yourself a healthy salary in the process). At least I have learned how to debunk their unscientific studies a little more effectively.

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HoJo said...

No doubt one hand washing the other is the real "uniting" policy of both parties in Washington. In fact, this is why there has never been a succesful third party.