Wednesday, July 29, 2009

American Osteopathic Association: Traitors

The American Osteopathic Association, the country's credentialing board for D.O.s (Doctors of Osteopathy), after nearly 100 years of struggling, chips securely on their shoulders, to be respected as equals to M.D.s, have put the debate to rest at last by stupidly signing on to HR 3200, the House of Representatives bill that would destroy American Medicine and patient choice.
Like the ACS, they base their support largely on their mistaken belief that being rid of the SGR as the index that determines Medicare reimbursement will somehow solve all of our problems. They apparently believe that by allowing their support to further propel this anti-American bill through Congress, they will gain a seat at the imaginary table where "changes will be made" that will ultimately make medicine in this country whole again.
Want some advice, D.O.s? (1) Leave the chakra adjustments to the Buddhists, and (2) Never trust the government. They don't plan to involve you or me. They plan to destroy us, and our patients along with us. They want to make you, me, and all our patients so dependent upon them that we can't live or breathe without them (or without paying a tax for the privilege). You shame yourselves by going along with this charade.

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