Friday, May 15, 2009

The View From the Inside: Obama and Tribunals

Hypocrisy in action, once again. How many flip-flops before he's called on it?

Barack Obama. He built an entire campaign...heck, an entire political career on the contention that the terrorists housed at Guantanemo were unfortunates who'd simply been wearing a turban in the wrong place at the wrong time on a battlefield in an illegitimate war for oil.

Barack Obama. The savior of the Guantanemo detainees. Outspoken vitreolic critic of military tribunals. Now the prince of self-righteousness is reinstating the policy of using military tribunals to try terrorist suspects at Guantanemo. See for yourself...:

(I made sure to quote a communist news agency so nobody could claim Fox or Rush Limbaugh put me up to this...all us bloggers for Liberty are just shills, you know)

My initial reaction was anger. Then I felt a strange sense of gratitude that even Obama sees the reality of the situation now. Things look a lot different from inside the Oval Office, apparently. Not so easy to criticize now, I guess.

Oh, before I forget...have you seen all the giant anti-war protests going on about Iraq? Obama promised to get us out of there, and hasn't delivered, and they're furious and protesting. Cindy Sheehan even set up a makeshift compound outside his Chicago home because there's been absolutely no change in anything after 100 days. Now they're carrying signs about detainee torture and abuse at Guantanemo, talking about how his policies aren't any different from Bush's, and how he hasn't delivered on his campaign promises. They've said that they are furious, because their cause of peace and the ending of overseas wars is more important than any campaign, and Obama's failure to act makes him no better than GWB. Have you seen all that?

Neither have I. Nice hypocrisy liberal left. Guess your passion is only skin-deep. Remind me to continue not listening, not giving a crap what you idiots say.

Liars, hypocrites, traitors, thieves and cowards. You disgust me.