Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open Letter to My New Pals at Healthcare-NOW

Dear Socialist Rabble-Rousers:

I am a doctor. I didn't get here by accident. I worked hard. I missed out on all of your marijuana-fueled good times because I was serving in the Marines, then going to college and studying. Why? Because I was trying to better myself, and make a good living. Yes, I said it. Make a living.

Now you have claimed me as a servant to your invented "right" to health care. You believe that the way to lower costs for yourself is to "negotiate" (dictate) what my time is worth by fiat. You deny me the right to ply my trade - a skill I have devoted my life to.

I challenge you to defend this notion of yours about what constitutes a "right". It appears that a "right" is simply something you want and have the numbers to take by force. This makes you no better than an angry, pitchfork-wielding mob of thieves. Want to really make a difference? Want to lower the costs of health care for those who are most affected by its high price? Try educating young women about the poverty that results from teenage pregnancy, instead of encouraging it through funding it with my money. Or how about working to stop expensive smoking habits among many of the very same people who complain that they can't afford their medicines?

You see, if you were truly a friend of the less-fortunate in our society, you would work for a better life for them, instead of simply paying for their irresponsibility with stolen money. You fancy yourselves as modern-day Robin Hoods. You forget that the original Robin Hood returned money to its rightful owners after it had been stolen by a more powerful person. You see, you should be fighting for me and all the other hard-working, self-improving, productive people who stand to (a) lose the good health care we've fought to provide for ourselves and our families, and (b) be taxed into poverty ourselves in order to fund your ever-increasing list of invented "rights".

Finally, I will be interested to see what you say to the hapless victims of your mistake when they all discover that your plan can only be viable for a short time, and that only when drastic cuts are made in services. This has been the case with every single socialized ("single-payer") health care plan in the world. When people are dying at your hands, rather than at the hands of private insurance companies, will you accept the blame you are now so ready to dole out? It'll be interesting to see how you will explain it. Of course, you'll be on to your next mission to save the world with others' money by then. You'll be much too busy to notice, no doubt.

See you on the internet, pals.