Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Philosphy of Self-Destruction

Many would love to see the rich "taken down a notch or two". Not being very productive themselves, they've believed the infernal lie that all their desires have been kept from them by those more productive, and therefore, more wealthy than they are. They believe that their lives will improve if only someone would destroy the rich. This is a self-destructive creed.

With every wealthy person who discovers, at long last, that their increased productivity only exposes them to further harassment from the government, and makes the only logical decision left to them - that they become less productive in order to lower their profile - the system grows poorer.

When the productive become less productive, either through increasingly violent taxation policies directed against them, or through their own willing self-abasement, the system becomes less solvent. Tax rolls shrink. Employment numbers suffer. The dollar becomes less valuable, causing buying power for all citizens to become lower. Non-profit organizations (always a favorite of the liberal elites) can no longer count on the donations that are made exclusively by those with excess money to spend on such things. Artists and their arts suffer. In short, the entire system of our lives changes for the worse. All because of jealousy and misplaced hatred of the so-called "rich".

As for me, I have already decided that I will not submit to socialized medicine. I will not be enslaved by a demonic policy that uses my skills and abilities to enslave both me and my patients. I will not institute a connected electronic medical record (EMR) which subjects my patients' vital health information to review by a government that has shown itself to be unworthy of even the most rudimentary level of trust - much less our most precious medical secrets. When the inevitable happens, I will no longer practice medicine. The "system" will have to go on without my skills, abilities, and tax revenue.

The choice lies with each one of us. Will we willingly submit to the erosion of our personal liberties and the taking over of each element of our lives by a government that sees us as merely tools of their continued existence? Or will we fight to protect ourselves?

Which philosophy do you follow? The one that believes that everyone should have the right to amass a fortune, if possible, through hard work, ability, skill, the value of their work, and sometimes a little luck? Or the one that seeks to destroy the rich in an attempt to reap vengeance against a world that has not rewarded them equally, thereby ensuring the destruction of all of us, in a last, defiant, suicidal gesture? We shall soon see. The pitchfork-wielding mob has called for the heads of the doctors. When we are gone, who will be next?