Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry, Charlie.

This is pointless because they won’t do anything to him.  Still, it makes me grin a little.

Now let’s see…who is left on the list?

  1. Chris Dodd
  2. Bawney Fwank
  3. Nancy Pelosi
  4. Harry Reid
  5. Chuck Schumer

Maybe we’ll get to their numerous ethics violations sometime later.  Or not.


Okay.  So this Sherrod woman at the USDA in Georgia is the victim of the year now?  Is that accurate?  I’m just checking.  Let me see if I’ve got this straight real quick…  Let’s go back over Mrs. Sherrod’s speech before the NAACP…:

1.  She grew up on a farm, but hated agriculture.  (She is, by her own admission, doing a job she finds uninteresting and sort of beneath her dignity).

2.  She found out that she was a shoe-in at the USDA because she was a minority and there was an unfilled quota (her words not mine).  So she is, by her own admission, only at the USDA because of the color of her skin.

3.  She further found out that government jobs, like diamonds, are forever.  She believed, by her own admission, she was an un-fireable bureaucrat.

4.  A white farmer came in for help.  Her first instinct was to deny his request for help because he was a dirty, evil white cracker devil.  She is, by her own admission, a racist.

5.  Eventually she relented and decided she would help the honky.  Okay, so maybe she is a repentant racist.

The NAACP simply loved the part about her hating whitey and considering letting him starve to death instead of doing her job and helping him.

Does that pretty much cover it?  Soooo…where’s the part I’m supposed to feel sorry for her about?