Wednesday, July 29, 2009

American College of Physicians: Traitors

Reading this press release from the American College of Physicians (ACP), the certification board for U.S. Internal Medicine doctors, it becomes clear that they, like many of the other groups on the traitors list, believe that it is better to jump on to the socialized medicine bandwagon now, in the hopes that they can negotiate with the Chicago mobsters for some pittances or indulgences in the future. In short, they sold you and me out for self-interest.

The House of Representatives' socialized medicine bill (HR 3200) is so clearly and fundamentally flawed that it would take an absolute idiot to fail to see that it paves the way for the destruction of American Medicine and the private health care market. And since I have more respect for my fellow doctors than to think them idiots, I have to believe that ACP knowingly and callously allowed their name and their reputation to serve as evidence that doctors were behind this legislation. This gives momentum to this bill that it shouldn't have, or, if you prefer, provides comfort and welfare to our common enemy. For that, the ACP have shown themselves to be traitors.

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