Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back...with a vengeance.

I have been absent too long. My brain is overflowing with stuff, and I am yearning for an outlet.

Firstly, just allow me to congratulate our new President on being exactly the colossal disappointment we all expected. Lacking both experience and humility, he has become the hapless puppet of his dark and intentionally anonymous liberal masters.

One after another of his desired Cabinet appointees have withdrawn in shame. Vast right wing conspiracy, right? Nope. Just good old fashioned tax evasion.

A real threat to our way of life? I guess it's still possible. More likely he'll just be a less talented and more embarrassing Bill Clinton. I think we'll survive.

So congratulations, everybody! We have another reason to celebrate. Nothing new to report. Just Chapter 44 of the American novel of hubris, greed, and corruption. This time the head cheat is black. Cool.

So until you all get rich off the promises that bought your votes, I recommend you keep your support of our new guy pretty subdued. So far I've seen neither hope nor change. Just a different color on the guy making empty promises and rewarding those he's indebted to. If that's what does it for you, swell. You are a childish goof, but swell.

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