Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thieves and Cowards

Congress has done it again. No, not anything all that earth-shaking. They just passed an Omnibus spending bill. No big deal. Well, except for the timing. This time, we're paying attention.

We in Alabama are paying attention to the fact that the bill contains $20 million for some sort of R&D park at the University of Alabama (Senator Richard Shelby's alma mater), several million more for some kind of silliness at Auburn University, $250,000 for "catfish research" get the idea.

The same government that warns that we're bankrupt - so bankrupt that they may just have to spend us into oblivion - still has money for pork, thankfully.

You know what would make me feel just a little bit better? Better about the fact that my own government is about to seize most of my assets so they can buy votes from lazy, unproductive people? Better about the fact that they are about to make doctors government employees and destroy my means of making a living? What would make me feel just a tiny bit better would be for just one of those lying thieves inside the beltway to just pay lip service to a crazy idea - that maybe, just maybe, we should cut a little bit of the ridiculous crap they are spending money on.

Take notice, Washington. I heard you loud and clear when you told me that my kid won't be able to go to college because you are going to tax the hell out of me to send the kids of inner-city crack mothers to Harvard. I heard you when you promised to "reform health care" (translation - ruin it). But now hear me. I am watching. Lots of us are. And we will not forget, Senator Shelby, how you stewarded our money during this "crisis". You may not believe this, but there really is someone with a brain on this end of the money cycle.

Stand by for hell, boys and girls. They may create it in Washington, but we must stand prepared to give a little of our own. Al Quaeda just moved to #2 on the list of biggest threats to Liberty. Congratulations, Washington. At least you are #1 at something.