Friday, May 22, 2009

Kalifornia, Dreaming.

The test tube of American Socialism is broke. The state with the highest taxes, largest welfare state, most highly-paid teachers, cops, and firemen...

They are now having to confront the painfully obvious failure of their ideology. The hard fact is that somebody eventually has to pay for all that spending. And when you punish the people who provide the jobs, tax revenue, and industriousness, you get...well...California. When there are no more rich people, there is no more money for social programs, etc. The people who are left now are all needy - there's nobody pulling everybody else's weight.

Grandiose dreamers that they are, they had the "audacity to hope" that we, the other 49 states who have not been quite as irresponsible as they, will just use TARP funds from our paychecks to bail them out. Not so fast. The bail out has been rejected by Californians themselves, and now by Americans at large. I guess "the big one" has finally happened in my lifetime.

I mean, really. Asking the other States to bail out their irresponsibility in the middle of an economic crisis so they can continue to provide the most wide-ranging welfare in the Western world? Gall doesn't even begin to cover it.

There is a valuable lesson in this for all of us. The Libdiots want us to turn our entire nation into one big, happy Kalifornia. One problem: Kalifornia failed. They had more rich people (and therefore a better chance of making it work) than anybody else, and even they couldn't make it happen. Now, why on Earth would we want to be like them???

I say wall the cancer off and let it die a natural death before it infects the rest of us.

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