Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Healthcare-NOW!: Clueless

My favorite Single-Payer Marxists over at are cracking me up. Their entire front page is devoted to (1) whining about how Senator Baucus ignored them at the recent hearings and (2) whining about how the moderators at keep deleting their comments and suggestions about socializing healthcare (even more than it already is).

It's funny because they can't seem to make the connection. They want government to take over health care because (*chuckle*) the government will be so much more responsive to our concerns and so much more touchy-feely with us about our health than the current private system. They just can't get why they can't get Washington to listen to their concerns and suggestions, especially after Obama promised them the moon and stars. Hope and Change, after all.

Welcome to America, naive ones. Washington looks on all of us as their subjects - inconvenient masses of idiots they have to deal with to get elected, then take a hot shower to wash off our stench. They could not possibly care less about the sick, the infirm, the poor, or anyone else. The ONLY reason they'd ever support government health care is so that they could further consolidate their power.

Don't get me wrong. They definitely will socialize medicine in this country, and it will be the greatest disaster for liberty to date. They just won't do it for the reasons Healthcare-NOW! thinks. I guess I shouldn't be so hard on them. They are simply useful idiots, being manipulated by those in power. Still, they are a bit irritating in their self-righteousness.

I had thoroughly enjoyed pointing out the obvious logical flaws in their arguments, but it seems I'm being "moderated" - web-lingo for shutting me up. Tisk, tisk.

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