Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally! Jimmy Buffett Speaks Out on the Oil Spill.

In today’s installment of “Famous People and Their Useless and Moronic Opinions”, Jimmy Buffett, who has made a career out of about 1.5 decent songs and being an aging drunk pothead, blames the Gulf Oil Spill on George W. Bush.

What a shocker. I think if I were Obama, I’d politely decline Mr. Buffett’s support. Or maybe he’s like,

“Hooray! A gray-haired, eternally adolescent drunk pothead hippie doesn’t think I stink as President!”

If Jimmie was a rocket scientist, he’d have figured out a way to keep scalpers from buying up all the tickets to his Relief Concert 12 seconds after they became available. Way to give power to the people, Jimmie.

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