Saturday, August 8, 2009

HR 3200, Section 122 continued: The New Face of Health Care

HR 3200, Section 122 (continued)

Now we get into the real meat of the issue. This is what your health care will look like, regardless of whether you “choose” the private option or the public option.

“(b) Minimum Services To Be Covered- The items and services described in this subsection are the following:
(1) Hospitalization.
(2) Outpatient hospital and outpatient clinic services, including emergency department services.
(3) Professional services of physicians and other health professionals.
(4) Such services, equipment, and supplies incident to the services of a physician's or a health professional's delivery of care in institutional settings, physician offices, patients' homes or place of residence, or other settings, as appropriate.
(5) Prescription drugs.
(6) Rehabilitative and habilitative services.
(7) Mental health and substance use disorder services.
(8) Preventive services, including those services recommended with a grade of A or B by the Task Force on Clinical Preventive Services and those vaccines recommended for use by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
(9) Maternity care.
(10) Well baby and well child care and oral health, vision, and hearing services, equipment, and supplies at least for children under 21 years of age.”

Benefits offered by the private insurance companies must include the following:
1. Hospitalization
2. Outpatient care
3. Emergency room care
4. Doctor visits
5. “Other health professionals” – this term is so vague it’s terrifying. What is included in this??? Nurse practitioners working unsupervised? Shamans? Acupuncturists? Chiropractors? Herbalists? Marijuana dealers? This leaves the door wide open for them to thoroughly ruin primary care specifically, and the physician community at large.
6. Durable medical equipment (as deemed necessary by Der Kommissar and his/her board of government goons).
7. Prescription drugs (no doubt only the ones allowed by Der Kommissar). You won’t be getting Levaquin. I’m sure generic penicillin will work fine. If not, it’s cheaper for us if you just go ahead and die.
8. Rehabilitation
9. Mental health care
10. Substance abuse treatment
11. Preventive care (as defined by the USPSTF, the government agency that decides what you need and don’t need).
12. Maternity care
13. Well-baby and well-child care
14. Full-coverage, including dental, oral health, vision, orthodontics, and all equipment and supplies thereto appertaining for all “children” 21 years of age or younger. You get to buy other kids’ braces.

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Tracy A. said...

You forgot to mention the clever exclusion of the word "abortion".