Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I Fight

I am a General Practitioner Physician. I strongly oppose the health care reform bill being debated currently.
I oppose it for reasons of personal survival - I owe $250K in college and medical school debt. I ask no favors from anyone, but I DO ask for the opportunity to ply my trade as there is demand for it - not unlike a baker, plumber, or grocer - and negotiate directly with my customers, as they do.
I oppose it on ethical grounds - it has been conclusively proven throughout the ages that there are never enough "rich" people to exploit to the benefit of those more numerous voters extending their hands for favors from an indebted government. An organism can be parasitized only so long as blood remains in its veins. Then both host and parasite die together. I oppose it because it must, if it is to work properly, place greater value on some lives than on others, creating an Orwellian "tyranny of the productive", in which the elderly, chronically-infirm, disabled, or congenitally-imperfect are sacrificed to the benefit of those who can provide more tax revenue and drain less. It is the exercise of eminent domain applied to human life. This weapon, already visible in embryonic form among private insurers, would be utterly terrifying when wielded by an almost unstoppably-powerful and monolithically-large and deaf government.
Finally, I oppose it on historical grounds, as our government has shown itself pathologically and perpetually unworthy of even the most rudimentary trust.
In the final analysis, however, and part as a result of this well-earned lack of trust, I oppose it because they clearly want it so badly. I have come to the conclusion that anything they want badly enough to label their own constituents as unruly Nazi mobs, or to seek protection from their own voters using paid union thugs, just simply must be opposed with total abandon.

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